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About Us

Super Kleen is the new kid on the block for cleaning on the Gold Coast – however we still know a thing or two about Cleaning! Our team of highly professional cleaners is absolutely passionate about helping locals live better lives. Established in 2016, Super Kleen has been created to raise the standard of home and business cleaning on the Gold Coast and do it all with a smile.  Read on to learn more about us.

The great value of Super Kleen’s cleaning services

When you have a clean home or place of business, everything feels better. At Super Kleen, we believe the value of good cleaning can be measured in how it makes you feel. There is no better feeling than coming home to a spotless house or coming into work and finding your space tidy, ready for the daily battle. That’s why we do what we do at Super Kleen. For us, there’s no better feeling than seeing the satisfaction our hard work brings to our customers.

A wide range of high quality cleaning services available

Super Kleen uses a high quality range of cleaning products and cleaning equipment that produces the best results, time after time. Our house cleaning services cover the lot, from shining up the bathrooms and making the kitchen sparkle to deep cleaning carpets, floors and bedrooms. There’s nothing we can’t tackle.

Flexible cleaning services tailored to your needs

Best of all, Super Kleen offers highly flexible cleaning services that work with you. If you need a regular service or a one off, after hours or during the working day, we can accommodate any request and suit any timetable. The important thing is that the cleaning gets done, and at Super Kleen we do it right every time.

Super Kleen can help clean up your life

Cleaning can be a tough job, but at Super Kleen we love it, because of the difference it makes to our customers’ lives. Seeing smiles of satisfaction reminds us that by taking care of the cleaning, Super Kleen helps unlock free time that can be spent with family, enjoying life, or having some well-earned relaxation. We all need a bit of help now and then – and with Super Kleen, you can have regular cleaning services tailored to your life for competitive prices.

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